How Landforms are formed by Running Water

How Landforms are formed by Running Water

Posted by Manisha on May 16, 2020

During rainfall you often saw small streams of water are formed on the ground. Some are big and some are small, depends upon the intensity of rainfall and slope. Sometimes, with the passage of time, some streams among them together later converted into a river.

Running Water
is the main element in the process of formation of landforms, to shape the earth's crust. But How?

If you want to know, then keep reading. Running water plays an important role in erosion, transportation, and deposition of weathered rocks. 
Running water, whether it is in the form of rainfall or in the form of a big stream i.e. River, is a natural and physical source of plainification. During this process of plainification so many new landforms came into existence. 

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Here, in this post I am going to discuss how running water or water bodies in the form of river, sea, ocean, work with weathered rocks and ground (earth crust) cause the evolution of various landforms, on the earth crust.

Work Process of Running Water

Running water is always in active mode to work, it’s something like keep working and working, no matter what.
There is three main work process of running water:

  • Erosion: When the surface of earth i.e. Rocks, Soil, etc. gets worn down, this process is known as erosion.

  • Transportation: The process by which running water carries all it’s eroded material like silt, pebbles, sediments, soil, along with them, in the direction of its flow is called transportation. 

  • Deposition: When the running water deposited it all the eroded material in the lower lands is known as a deposition.

Through the above-mentioned processes of running water contribute to the evolution of various new landforms on the earth’s crust. The detailed study of these landforms comes under Geomorphology. Which is itself a huge and important branch of geography.

I will explain, how water “the running water” which includes the river, sea, and ocean waves work, in their catchment areas. What you need to do is to stay with me. Here following are the different categories of Landforms made by Running Water explained with the help of an infographic.

Through this diagram, it is clear that the running water landforms formation covers a vast area of study.

Stay tuned with me, if you want to know further about the different landforms of running water. Because I will discuss each and every landform separately in my coming post. It will be going to very interesting, trust me.

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