Distribution of Earthquake and how it affects Earth and Life

Distribution of Earthquake and how it affects Earth and Life

Posted by Manisha on May 09, 2020

The distribution of earthquakes is not even all over the world. Some areas face earthquakes more frequent whereas some face rarely. The areas of active volcanoes and plate boundaries face more tremor than others. The areas of volcanoes and earthquake distribution are almost the same.

Lets’s know about the areas of earthquake distribution. These are as follows

  • Circum-Pacific Ring of fire belt
    The really destructive earthquakes are concentrated in a ring surrounding the Pacific ocean.
    Almost 90% of the world’s earthquake occurs here.

  • East Indian Belt
    This area covers Indonesia, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • Himalayan Belt
    This includes Himalayas, Kunlun, Altai, and Tien Shan Ranges up to the Baikal lake.

  • Great Rift Valley Of East Africa
    This includes the areas near around rift valley of Africa.

  • Along the plate boundaries
    Earthquakes are very common on the edges of every Tectonic plate.

Effects of Earthquake

There are various effects of the earthquake , some among them are good for the earth and its life whereas some are bad.so we can divide its effects into two categories, these are:

Disadvantages of Earthquake

There is six main disadvantage of the earthquake are as follows:

  1. Major loss of life and property - Due to the shaking of the earth’s surface all over the human creatures (man-made things) destroyed and there is a major loss of property. Which leads to the economic crisis.
  2. Cause Tsunami - Due to earthquake when high waves generated in the oceans is known as Tsunami, which causes destruction in coastal areas.

  3. Change in River Direction - sometimes rivers change their direction of flow due to earthquakes.
  4. Landslides and Avalanches - in hilly regions landslides and avalanche were caused due to the earthquake, which leads to massive destruction.

  5. Fire - Sometimes fire came into existence and burns everything which came into their path.
  6. Formation of great faults - an earthquake is a reason behind the formation of great faults on the earth’s surface.

Advantages of Earthquake

The various advantages of the Earthquake are as follows:

  1. The building of new landforms or landscapes like mountains, hills, faults, plateaus etc.created after the earthquake.
  2. Helpful to know about the earth’s interior.
  3. The landslide caused by earthquakes may create new soil,  helpful in agriculture.

  4. It brought upward new minerals on the surface of the earth.
  5. Create natural harbors on the sea coast.

  6. Create natural lakes.
  7. Also helpful in creating new hot or cold water springs.