Started in 2020, for students, youngsters and keen lerners of geography, as a home of human beings.  

Geography planet is an attempt to present the Earth as a magical planet because this is the only living planet among all eight planet with all essential elements for life, beautiful scenic beauty behind it ,mysterious millions of stories and phenomena responsible for its existence, from which some are explained and many more to explain also grabbing so many potential into it.

This blog is just providing you a way to feel its magical phenomena, processes and invite you to being a part of it to brought you into its magical world our planet Earth.

Geography planet is very useful to students, youngsters in their home work, projects and assignment and helpful in doubt clarifying , also provide detailed understanding of the particular topics. Helpful to the keen Lerner’s or geography lovers. 

The language of the blog is very simple, easy to understand and special take care of difficult geographic terminology has been taken.